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We know that buying, selling, or leasing property can be complex and stressful events, which is why we are committed to guiding you and protecting your interests every step of the way. You’ll find that we can provide both  practical and effective solutions to any legal issues that may arise.

Real Estate Transactions

At King Legal Group, our attorneys represent buyers and sellers in many kinds of real estate transactions.  We assist clients in all aspects of the transaction, including negotiating the terms of the sale and financing the purchase of real estate, as well as obtaining zoning variances if necessary.

We resolve issues with the property prior to closing and we represent our clients at closings. Our attorneys customarily work with banks and are approved for closings with most banks in Westmoreland County.

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Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are frequently involved in litigation regarding boundary line disputes, quiet title actions, and disputes over ownership rights, including water rights, easements for access to property, and enforcement of covenants that impact our clients.

We often handle cases during which land is acquired through the courts for our clients by legal right, if necessary, rather than by a deed or other signed document.

Our attorneys have litigated complex property disputes and real estate issues created by the actions of parties more than half a century ago.

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Title Insurance Litigation

In addition to our extensive experience in real estate litigation on behalf of individuals, we have been retained by national title insurance companies for more than three decades to cure defects and handle a wide variety of real estate litigation involving real estate fraud, document forgeries, and disputes over ownership interests, document validity, and enforceability, and many other real estate issues.

As litigation counsel for national title insurance companies for more than 35 years, our attorneys have litigated matters involving commercial lenders, real estate purchasers, borrowers, independent title insurance issuing agents, and title insurance companies in agent defalcations and recoveries under underwriting agreements.

These cases have required us to perfect insured lien priority of financing instruments, cure defects in ownership of title to real estate, defeat claims to property for which a title insurance policy was issued and recover escrow disbursements misappropriated by agents of title insurance companies.

Our work with title insurance companies and representation of insureds has required us to handle cases and claims filed or with venue in courts in more than half of the counties across all of Pennsylvania, all Federal District Courts in Pennsylvania, and courts of other states.

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