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Representative Cases


Personal Injury:

  • Complex litigation on behalf of chiropractor, who sustained soft-tissue injuries in a rear-end collision, against the driver, the disability insurance provider, and the first party insurance company to recover the chiropractor’s lost business income and overhead losses due to her injuries. Obtained arbitration award after a three-day hearing and award of social security disability benefits.
  • Represented orthopedic surgeon who suffered spinal injuries in a side-impact collision of his vehicle.
  • Litigation on behalf of the spouse and children of a truck driver who was killed at a plant while offloading truck load.
  • Litigated a wrongful death claim for the family of a father of three who was killed when a coal truck crossed centerline of roadway causing a head-on collision.
  • Represented high school student who fell from the door of a vehicle, which then rolled over her lower back with the vehicle’s rear wheels, resulting in paraplegia.
  • Negotiated settlement for an 18-year-old foreign exchange student who sustained a broken neck as a passenger in a vehicle when the driver failed to negotiate a curve.
  • Successfully litigated a wrongful death claim against a truck driver who killed a 53-year-old grandmother when the truck driver ignored a traffic sign and pulled in front of her vehicle immediately before impact.

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Workers’ Compensation:

  • Represented a woman who suffered psychological injury after being exposed to snakes in her office building. Our client was awarded Workers’ Compensation benefits following lengthy litigation.
  • Following litigation to determine our client’s employee status, our client was entitled to bring her workers’ compensation claim when the Judge ruled that our client was an employee rather than an independent contractor of an uninsured employer.
  • Our client was awarded an increase in her workers’ compensation rate due to the employer’s failure to include tips in the calculation of benefits she received due to her injury at work as a bartender/waitress.
  • At conclusion of extensive litigation, Judge awarded full indemnity benefits and medical coverage to our client for both a broken ankle and back pain when he fell while working at a factory, despite the onset of debilitating back pain occurring more than four months after the broken ankle in the fall.
  • Through litigation, expanded a factory worker’s injury description to include aggravation of pre-existing post-traumatic stress syndrome, which entitled him to medical coverage for the additional injury.
  • Judge granted our claim petition to increase a minor’s compensation benefits based upon the employer’s violation of the Child Labor Law when the employer employed the minor without work permit or employment certificate.

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Estate Planning, Administration and Litigation:

  • Advised clients on federal and state estate tax consequences of distributing assets to heirs following the client’s future death and planned clients’ desired distributions of assets to heirs to minimize tax consequences.
  • Drafted over 2,000 Wills and Powers of Attorney (including Medical Directives/Living Wills) in accordance with clients’ wishes.
  • Formed irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts and corporate entities as part of the planning and management of assets to minimize estate taxes and gift taxes.
  • Supervised and counseled personal representative in the administration of an estate containing stock, retail stores and shareholder partnerships, subject to federal estate tax, in order to provide cash and assets to multiple generations of children and collateral beneficiaries.
  • Served for multiple decades as trustee of a trust, which required the development and division of real estate in the trust into planned communities in compliance with planned community laws and the subsequent investment of sale proceeds into diversified stock portfolios and commercial paper to provide earnings for the income beneficiaries and capital growth for the benefit of residuary heirs. Also involved trust planning to minimize current income taxes as well as future federal and state estate taxes.
  • Supervised the administration of a deceased attorney’s complex estate, which involved locating and retrieving assets in multiple states and the use of disclaimers to avoid generation-skipping taxes, resulting in multi-million dollar tax savings distributed to the heirs.
  • Litigation contesting a Last Will and Testament executed by decedent on her deathbed, resulting in settlement at the time of trial.
  • Litigation contesting a surviving spouse’s election against the Will and the estate to take an elective share of estate assets, which was settled at the time of trial.
  • Litigation on behalf of the heirs contesting the personal representative’s sale of real property from the estate for less than half of the appraised value with the case litigated in and decided by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania on appeal.
  • Litigation on behalf of the heirs of the estate to force the removal of the estate’s personal representative and the return of estate assets after the personal representative removed cash from the estate checking account for his own use.
  • Supervision of the lifetime administration of an incapacitated person’s estate and litigation of guardian’s handling of assets over a period of ten years.

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Real Estate Transactions and Litigation:

  • Represented title insurance companies and insured policy-holders in curing title defects and establishing policy-holders’ lien position in real estate, which has involved litigation in trial courts throughout Pennsylvania and the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts in the Western and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania, with successful results in all cases over the previous ten years.
  • Creation and management of a real estate development with 31 lots, in accordance with planned community laws, and supervision of sales in multiple development phases and all lots as well as the establishment of homeowners’ associations.
  • Served as acting legal counsel for multiple homeowners’ associations in planned communities.
  • Supervision of timber management plan for a 700 acre parcel with timber lease revenue generated for owners, preservation of timber stand for multiple timber cuttings and development of animal and bird habitat through areas of clear cutting.
  • Negotiation of oil and gas leases on behalf of private landowners during the last eight years.
  • Litigation of fraudulent misrepresentation and non-disclosure claims regarding property defects discovered by buyers after the closing in real estate transactions.
  • Litigation of breach of contract claims on behalf of contractors as well as homeowners to enforce payment and contract terms.
  • Drafting of complex conveyancing documents incident to commercial and residential real estate sales and purchases.
  • Negotiation and closing of $1,000,000.00+ sales, financing, construction and remodeling projects for non-profit and for-profit corporations, including schools, churches, and community organizations.
  • Advised and assisted buyers or sellers in more than 2,000 real estate transactions, including negotiating the terms of sale and financing, obtaining zoning variances, resolving issues with the real estate prior to closing and representing clients at closings.
  • Represented an accountant purchasing real estate for new business location, which involved presenting argument for non-conforming use zoning variance to the Township Zoning Hearing Board, discovery and correction of prior error in surveyed property boundary line, and negotiation of $15,000 reduction in purchase price.
  • General Counsel for the Westmoreland Board of Realtors® since 1979.

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Business Organization and Transactions:

  • Incorporated and merged separate limited liability companies and corporations to be wholly-owned subsidiaries of a holding company in the business of trucking, manufacturing, commercial warehousing and chattel rentals.
  • Drafted buy/sell agreements and contract documents, setting forth the agreements reached between the respective parties, which include sole proprietors, limited liability companies, partnerships and corporations.
  • Created and organized a professional limited liability company for a multiple-member physician practice. Also, assisted in integrating each physician’s individual practice, which were originally structured as professional corporations, with each entity having voting and non-voting memberships as part of the professional limited liability company.
  • Incorporated and obtained tax-exempt status for multiple organizations, including churches, recreational sports and outdoor clubs and adoption agencies.
  • Created an outdoor outfitter in the State of Maine and provided business plan consultation.
  • Served as corporate counsel for denominational churches, professional real estate member organizations, cemetery associations, real estate holding companies and non-profit food distribution organizations.
  • Established the appropriate business structure for numerous retail and wholesale merchandise businesses, physicians, chiropractors, dentists and accountants.
  • Established the corporate business structure for construction and plan development business, including a general partnership structure which held and managed corporate stock and real estate utilized by the business.

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